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Sage Chic Fashion

Brand Identity

Label Design

Social Media

A high-end fashion label that is modern and eco-friendly deserves a unique and bold identity that makes it visible in today's competitive market. 

As green is associated with eco-friendly and environmentally consciousness, it needed to be paired with a bold colour that enhances the glamorous fashion label that it is. And what better than a good old-fashioned red for the same. The typography is stylish and translates their confidence and vision in its true form.

Artboard 1-50.jpg
Artboard 5-50.jpg
Artboard 6 copy-50.jpg
Artboard 3-50.jpg
Artboard 6-50.jpg
Artboard 5 copy-50.jpg
Artboard 2-50.jpg
Artboard 4-50.jpg
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