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Robusto Beer

Brand Identity



Brands in the beer business fear standing out and have been recreating the similar visual pursuit of what is already been done in the past. This is when Robusto Beer comes into the picture. They understand that with the passage of time, people seek a tweak in not only the look and feel of a product but also the taste palette.


Robusto takes pride in their fine craftsmanship and hence we attempted to showcase that with bold illustrations and colour palette. Standardized typographic elements leaves\ room to highlight each product's attributes and personality.

Artboard 2-50.jpg
Artboard 5-50.jpg
Artboard 9-50.jpg
Artboard 11-50.jpg
Artboard 6 copy-50.jpg
Artboard 12 copy 2-50.jpg
Artboard 4-50.jpg
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